About Company

If the change to the new purpose of diversification and out of the ordinary earns you a new experience and lends itself to the ideas and innovations that add elegance to the services and quality, it is inherent in the company of public services where believers so completely rely Naa basic rule build on our excellence. We have a long experience of working through which we reap respectable knowledge enabled us to get the honor and Sha Id estimate was for us medals incentive to move forward in a purposeful way to promote this excellence.

Types and services post-insurance services and external and internal cleanliness of the highest level of cleaning services and maintenance of glass facades and high buildings from the outside and Services shelter, security guards and administrative support services and laundry services ground mats and rugs, salons and services garbage transfer and organic waste, medical and cleansing services and cafes, restaurants and banquet own is not limited in both Mazkrnah all but in the quality of service and quality assurance as well as the organization of conferences, seminars, and public and private celebrations as well as parks and green spaces and acts of ornamental and completion of hotel reservations and booking tickets and acts of legal translation, leasing, rental cars, real estate and the completion of its procedures and services periodic maintenance of the buildings, electronic and electrical appliances, water coordination and all this as a suggestion the free service to connect applications and work done and its commitment to and secured on a timely basis.

(Our motto has always accuracy in work and speed of delivery)

Vision :

Adoption of modern management knowledge window and stick to the values of professional and scientific expertise in title excellence and its device in the information technology and communication skill with new business sectors to develop and provide quality meanings as to provide satisfaction to customers through the integration of the modern with the developer of the ordinary.

message :

We believe that human graduate and the greatest value, therefore we draw our message to excellence in our service and at all levels and multi-purpose technologies and objectives prompt the skills of administrative, technical and legal expertise is based on a knowledge base inclusiveness toward administrative and human development (human resources) professional spirit

Our target:

• maintain transparency and credibility delimiters to take over our business.

• Contact time with each new useful links and extending and holding strategic alliances.

• Maintain the customer by providing a real and serious public utility services.

• adoption of the principle of economic benefit the public and private benefit by targeting the community of each project in which we contribute or offer the service to him.

• access to the latest up to him in the science of our business developments in order to be abreast of each new than the benefit of the good performance of our business.

• Access to important segments of the customers feel that they need to assist the specialized advisory service and safe Kavih

• Continuing to provide innovative process that fit each client solutions.

• Active participation in the implementation of these solutions to achieve desired goals Time.

• Continued success in the development of competitive capabilities to customers and raise their performance levels

• Devote commitment to the highest levels of quality and excellence

• Establish a commitment to the independence, integrity and responsibility values

• Cover all the needs of the community at the local, regional and international levels, including needed services

So then we have explained the inherent General Services Company landmarks perfecting this formula secret of our success trust equal to the required quality plus professional service's privacy

We hope that we will have brought us as precisely the image we wish to have the privilege to meet your requests, which is in line with our services that we provide to you.