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Word of the Chairman

ALaseel General Services Company Limited service company and Esctarih limited liability seeks to contribute to building a national economy effectively and the development of a knowledge economy, sustainable development and social justice society and equitable distribution of investment opportunities and wealth, we are working to be the one actors of the national economy and the active and hard-based tools with real and distinctive and constructive feasibility projects positive and influential. We strive to keep up with rotated the whole world toward our region, which has a wealth of material and human infrastructure, so the world who wants to contribute to the benefit of the monetary boom experienced by the region, which must be accompanied by the recruitment of those funds that represent our strength upon which we depend and Nrtkz them under critical circumstances faced by our region and going through the whole world, that money, which now need to be directed to the inside of the employed in the development of human resources and energies Amaya, professional and humanitarian abundant service to members of our communities, so as to contribute to the national economic construction within our being at the forefront of the private sector, which it is hoped it in coming decades to lead the development and economic development and the process of leadership. If we are able to offer our professional services and distinctive niche to know the degree of Msttaah efficiency, honesty, competence and experience in Libya, which has become a platform to stand by and talk to the whole world and address it in his own language and which is also easy to attract new capital and modern technologies can to develop and improve and strengthen our position in the global economy