Our targets

ALaseel Company Limited service company and consultancy limited liability seeks to contribute to building an effective national economy and the development of knowledge and Altnumeihalmstdamh social justice, economy, society and equitable distribution of investment opportunities and the wealth, we are working to be one of the effective national economy and active and hard-based tools with real and distinctive and constructive feasibility projects and acting positively.

Strive to keep up with rotated the whole world toward our region, which has the material and human wealth and infrastructure so the world who wants to contribute to the benefit of the monetary boom experienced by the region, which must be accompanied by the recruitment of those funds that represent our strength upon which we depend and Nrtkz to it under the exact circumstances that are exposed have our own and going through the whole world, equivalent to the total product of one-third of GDP growth worldwide in charge of crude oil and produced for the conduct of the world's factories, machinery and is responsible for ensuring the conduct of its business and then the money from the sale of oil revenues and the inside to the coffers of oil producing countries, which now need to direct them to the inside of the employed in human resource development and scientific, professional and humanitarian energies abundant service to members of our communities, and the rules of engagement in order to contribute to the national economic construction within our being at the forefront of the private sector, which it is hoped from him in the coming decades to lead the development and the process of development and economic leadership of the Libyan society under the free exchange of goods, services and goods and the freedom of trade and movement of money and people with no direct or indirect obstacles, if we are able to offer our professional services and special niche at the highest degree Msttall efficiency, honesty, competence and experience in Libya, which has become a platform to stand up and talk to the whole world and address it in his own language and which is also easy access to the economies of countries around the world geographical size and cultural depth.

ALaseel General Services Company is working to develop the Libyan economy through:

o maintain transparency and credibility to take over our delimiters .

o contact time with an all-new extended useful links and hold strategic alliances.

o maintain the customer by providing a real and serious public utility services.

o adopt the principle of economic benefit the public and private benefit by targeting the community of each project in which we contribute or offer the service to him.

o see the latest up to him in the science of our business developments in order to be abreast of each new than the benefit of the good performance of our business.

o access to important segments of the customers feel they need professional help Kavih consulting and hands.

o continuing to provide innovative process that fit each client solutions.

o Time active participation in the application of these solutions to achieve desired goals.

o continued success in the development of competitive capabilities to customers and raise their performance levels.