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Alaseel General Services Co, Ltd ., is a service company and consultancy limited liability which aims to help build an effective national economy and development of the knowledge economy and development social justice and equitable distribution of investment opportunities and wealth. We strive to be one of the active pleyers active in the national economy and focused on real projects viable and distinct, constructive and positive. We seek to monitor the growing global interest in our region, which is full of raw materials and human resources in order to benefit from the advantage of the presence of liquidity in the region, which must be accompanied by the flow and reinvestment of those fund that represent our strength, especially in the current circumstances experienced by our region.
​funds we now strong need for investment in the domestic economy for human resource development, skills, scientific, professional and social and what to participate in the construction of the national economy by positioning ourselves at the forfront of private companies in our industry that aims to lead the young economy in the years to come. In presenting an efficient, professional and personalized with a high degree of professional skill and knowhow and use the circumstances that have made Libya a platform on which to stand and talk to the outside world language, we can then go to the perfection and attract new capital and technology to strengthen our position in the world economy.


Alaseel General Services Company, is a Libya company of Limited Liability. Established in accordance to law No.(21) regulations related to practice of economical activities.

Its objectives is support of Business and investment activities by provision of all related services to individuals, corporation, public and private sector companies both locally and worldwide.
For achieving of above purposes, the company adopts latest technology and a group of specialists and efficient manpower dedicated to provide High Quality services.

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  • We seek to provide a service that satisfies the recipients of the service
  • We aim to achieve the quality of service required
  • In addition to the privacy of the professional service

We hope to have the honor of your trust and to meet your requests
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  • Tripoli, Libya – Main branch Eddribi Street.
  • Tripoli Branch, Afghani Street, 24 Dec ST.
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